Poetry in Online Journals

Oxford American: “from Ghosts of India Road in Opelika, Ross Cemetery”

Kenyon Review/American Academy of Poets: “Kabira”

New England Review: "Immigrant Aria"

Poetry International: “Hori Ke Din Dekhi Aaya Re: Look, Holi Has Come”

Los Angeles Review: "Neemakharam"

POETRY Magazine: "Coolie," “Hanuman Puja”

Cincinnati Review: Dissecting the Tay Whale” and “Odontocetiphilia”

Split This Rock: "Outcry"

The American Academy of Poets poem-a-day: "Why Whales are Back in New York City" (title taken from the Popular Science article of the same name)

Mistake House:  "Forced Conversion," "Chutney Mashup," "OK, Cupid"

The Shoreline Review: "Junglee"

Underblong: "Unidentified Hybrid Whale"

The American Academy of Poets poem-a-day: "Ode to Richmond Hill"

Figure 1: "K*phr*," "Sapera, the Snake Charmer"

Posit:  "Fossil Record," "Lost Breath"

Spiral Orb: "Hassa"

wildness: "Hallelujah," "Ka'ena Point"

Poemeleon: "Ganges River Dolphin"

Southern Humanities Review: "Gray Whale"

The Rumpus: "Inaugural Poem"

North American Review: "American Guyanese Diwali"

Raleigh Review: "Ketea Indikos"

Verse Daily: "Myotis Lucifugus"

The Feminist Wire: "The River-son's Betrayal," "Touch Me Not," "Vivah at the Durga Temple," "Indo-queer IV"

Hawai'i Review: "Whale Story"

Asymptote Journal: "Indo-queer I," "Shame in Mathura," "Indo-queer II," "The Mimicry of Men"

Congeries, Connotation Press: "Canis lupus lupus," "Ritual," "Blind Man's Whist," "Mantra," "Balaenoptera musculus musculus"

small axe: "Offering," "Canis latrans," "Ramayan," "Snowfall in the Tropics"

Storyscape Journal: "The Po-Co Kid," "For Andil," "Cutlish," "Western Grammarian"

Drunken Boat: [last night] in jackson heights [this morning] with him, not you"

PANK: "Homosexual Interracial Dating in the South," "Snare," "Rural Sports," "Play-bird," "A Body of Myths"

Jaggery: A Desilit Arts and Literature Journal: "Kalkatiya"

Four Way Review: "Preface"

Lantern Review: "for what loses shape"

Killer Whale Journal: "Inside the Belly"

Mascara Literary Review: "The Oracle"

diode: "Invocation," "Disunion," "Ghost," "Whale Song"

Prairie Schooner: "Fire Rass," "Dove," "Daal & Rice"

2River View: "Museum," "Blowhole"

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal: "Dantaal"

Asian American Literary Review: "Criminal Law (Offenses) Act of Guyana," "Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code"

Guernica: "Dominion"

The Collagist: "Underwater Acoustics," "Overfished"

Quarterly West: "Ancestor"

Crab Orchard Review: "On the Occasion of Her Majesty Queen Lili'uokalani's Birthday", "Acridotheres tristis," "Rhicodon typus," "Indo-queer Windward-Side"

Moko: Caribbean Arts and Letters: "Stomach Full of Trash," "North Atlantic Right Whale," "Sonar," "SS Mersey 1898," "Queer in the Logie"

The Margins: "Back-home Games in Florida," "Dirge for Kamal-Mami"

Poecology: "Du'a"

Matter Monthly: "Mass Stranding"

DMQ Review: "Sacrament," "Return Migration," "Gulf Bryde's Whale"

Juxtaprose Magazine: "Summer"

Diagram: "Hiranyagarbha"

The Journal: "Ortolan"

Musical Collaborations

“Leela Out of Darkness”

“Mahal, Mitti Ka”


Best American Poetry 2015

Writing Down the Walls: A Convergence of LGBTQ Voices

Best American Experimental Writing 2014


Meditations on the Divine Name: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry

Why I'm Not a Painter

Essays and non-fiction

Moko Magazine: “Ham Tutal Nahin Bati: Guyanese Bhojpuri Mein Siksa”

POETRY Magazine: Introduction to the co-curated, with Kazim Ali, folio of Global Anglophone Indian Poetry

Mistake House: "Creative Process Statement"

The Offing, Enumerate: "'Minority' Identity Development Model for an Indo-Caribbean American in Five Stages"

Entropy Magazine: "Mini-Syllabus: Poetry of the Caribbean Coolie Diaspora"

Kartika Review: "Backlash/Frontlash"

Drunken Boat: "Sangam/Confluence"

North American Review: "Sacral Attachment: India - Guyana - United States"

Entropy Magazine: "After the Shots"

The Poet's Playlist: "Poetry Playlist"

Lambda Literary: "Cutting: On Poetry and Navigating Pain"

The Margins: "Why I Will Never Celebrate Indian Arrival Day"

SPECS Journal: "Unicorns, Narwhals, and Poets"

Kweli Journal: "Neech"

Jaggery: A DesiLit Arts Journal: "An Actual (South) Asian American Speaks from the Ruins of Best American Poetry"

PEN/AMERICA: "Ancestral Hauntings: On Translating Lalbihari Sharma"

Ke Kaupu Hehi Ale: "Stories that Ache, Stories that Haunt"

Ke Kaupu Hehi Ale: "Ally is a Verb: A Whale's Song"


Waxwing Journal: "Arrival by Cheryl-Boyce Taylor"

Quarterly West: "Bodymap and the Impossible Citizen"

Kenyon Review: "Iep Jaltok by Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner"

Waxwing Journal
: "Notes from Paradise, Notes from Hell: A Caribbean (North) American Poetry Triptych"

Kenyon Review: "The Sobbing School by Joshua Bennett"

Kenyon Review: "Headless Mama with Landscape by Jennifer Givhan"

Jacket2: "The Labor of We: Layers of Alliance in Kenji Liu's Map of an Onion"

Waxwing Journal: "The Trouble with Humpadori"

Waxwing Journal: "Weweni"

Jacket2: "Imaginative Reading: A Review of Hsia Yü’s ‘Salsa’"

Hawai'i Review: "Diaspora and the Art of Lyrical Tension: A Review of Sudesh Mishra's Diaspora and the Difficult Art of Dying"

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